Today in history January 7, 1973 Mark James Robert Essex

Today in history January 7, 1973 Mark James Robert Essex was killed in a shootout with Police.

Mark James Robert Essex was a Black militant and at the time of the shooting was accused in multiple homicides.

There are signed documents by witnesses including police officers that I need to review as well as blood samples and fingerprints and go through all the data before assigning more blame and deaths than are necessary to his name.


Mark James Robert Essex was born in Emporia, Kansas.

After graduating from Emporia Senior High School in 1967, Essex attended Emporia State University, where he dropped out after only one semester.

In 1969, He joined the United States Navy and stationed in San Diego, California.

Essex claimed he was subjected to two years of ceaseless racial abuse.

He went absent without leave (AWOL) from October 19 until November 16, 1970.

Essex was given a general discharge for unsuitability on February 10, 1971  and diagnosed with behavior disorders.

Essex joined the black militancy movement after his discharge.

The Black Panthers are believed to have formed as a result of oppression on Blacks.

After the deaths of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King the group disbanded.  Some members survived, others became outlaws or bank robbers.

Essex is said to have been a member of the Black Panthers a militancy in the United States of America.

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