The Hamburg Report

Welcome to the page that explains the Hamburg Report.  This information is disseminated through various postings by special agent Chavira as well.

The Hamburg Report is a justice report based on the active pursuit of a current terrorist international network once known as the Freemason International Syndicate or the ancient and accepted [religious] order of international freemasonry.

The Hamburg Report and project is simple.

In this report we use one YouTube account as the basis for our investigation.   This YouTube account is generically called  the ”The White House” and it pretends to legislate laws, attempts to collect taxes and defraud the people of the United States.

This generic white house YouTube account with all its videos has been reduced by several thousands of videos already.

This generic white house YouTube account with all its videos is today controlled by the ever changing face of terrorism from different locations around the world.

Every time a new video is uploaded, we know where it comes from.

The Hamburg Report and project looks at:

  •  The outward patterns that measure the number of videos uploaded in any given day,
  • The information in the videos
  • Disruptions in the pattern of videos in their uploading sequence.

Additional Information:

Today’s news and technology problems are primarily a human problem.  More important than just tearing down this white house account is bringing the members of terrorism to justice.  What we do around the world is good also for the planning of the future of corrections in the United States and around the world.

We have to get people off the occult and off of freemasonry which teaches people about the occult and how to use sorcery.

Anything positive about freemasonry, was erased by the men and women of this freemason conspiracy who today would rather lie to citizens in their countries than tell the truth about the politics of their country.

Freemasonry and How they stayed alive

Freemason politicians stayed on top by the practice of hypocrisy, lies, murder, mass murder and the tellings of lies in conspiracy. Freemason politicians stayed on top by lots of talk of God, lots of bible thumping and preaching all that was false to make people think they were good people and to hide their Satanism.   Not all freemasons were the same and this also helped them to stay alive.  They were also a secret society vowed to secrecy which in a corrupt international freemason world helped them to keep the majority of their members out of harms way.

At one time Freemasonry was about keeping some lodges and members more pure than others to cover their more dangerous members and high priests so they could continue in the practices of this secret society, practices responsible for the suffering and wrongful deaths of millions of children and people around the world.

To offset their crimes, freemasons were allowed to be philanthropic but in many cases used philanthropy as a racket to extract money from citizens and people around the world.   The people and the people’s money and donations were used to make freemasonry famous and give them and their charities and organizations a false philanthropic image and presentation.

Freemason politicians used many people and associated themeselves with many people as well as incriminated many people wrongfully.

Freemason’s used special privileges they had for their members in government for diplomatic immunity as they committed white collar crimes, racketeering, all crimes associated with common mafias and of white supremacy, such as murder in every degree, genocide, mass murder, ritual and racial murders, ethnic cleansing, direct massacres, child trafficking, human trafficking and femnicide.

Together with many financial crimes and crimes of enormous proportions in the news, some of their members were also very proficient high priest serial killers and some were more protected than others.

Ted Bundy, a law school drop-out attending for only 2 years, was a freemason who was abandoned by his fraternal friends and brotherhood.  He was a femincide specialist and a real militant as serial killers tend to be.  His death by capital punishment counted for freemasons as a human sacrifice and rituals and rites performed off camera in secret rooms away from the trial.

Freemasonry and How they stayed alive  continued. 

Freemasonry was about education, wrong education, the teaching of mysticism [sorcery], the telling of lies and about the many religions good and bad and religious rites good and bad that exists in the world.

Freemasonry  was a religious order – filled with 33 degree grand master high priests [wizards] – that had its own constitution filled with bylaws and government filled with presidents and officers all  who considered themselves as, priests, high priests, grand master high priests and who were dedicated to an organized crime network aimed at secretly controlling the political state of the world through the rite of human sacrifice, mass murder, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to cover up mass murder and numerous crimes.

In the United States the Scottish Rite of human sacrifice by the ancient order of free and accepted masonry controlled all freemason orders.

At one time, during the mason holocaust every country had their rite of human sacrifice and aimed for independence from the Scottish and the York rite of Human Sacrifice whose men followed the religious path of Moloch a horned idol turned into a homosexual idol these last couple hundred of years.   The secret worship of Moloch ”the horned idol” is at the top echelon and education of Freemasonry.

Freemason teaches and encourages various practices of the occult and used to have buildings where people could learn about occult religions openly and in secret, very similar to Nazi Germany whose elitists members were more loyal to the Thule Society as opposed to their Freemason lodges which inundated Germany at one time.

See ABN Mexico for a list of Grand Master Lodges in Germany,  We recommend using the Google Browser translation services.

There was a Grandmaster Lodge in Hamburg Germany where this International Donald Trump freemason video operation began and will end.

Freemasonry education which once controlled the world was limited only by the real presence of God in this world, otherwise our world would be destroyed.

The Department of Justice asks Americans and world citizens please do not help terrorist through the distribution of Donald Trump or Barrack Obama propaganda through the internet or by word of mouth pretending these men are still active in politics.  They are not active in politics or society and have been brought to justice for their crimes.  This is also not an appropriate time to make a arguments about how important they are as historical figures. This could lead people to wrong conclusions about them.  They were brought to justice along with many other freemason politicians.

The Department of Justice asks Americans and world citizens please do not help terrorist through propagation and distribution of any freemason terrorist media and information.



DOJ Department of Justice our greatest challenge is never to let our guard down again

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