Terrorist Studies

We have witnessed and seen how wizardry has been used to control religious people to cause discord and commit the worst of crimes and make masons look superior and more self controlled.

The Black hand(s) of White supremacy has penetrated almost every military and paramilitary operation through the use of wizardry.  These top secret operations are intended to maintain a steady flow of violence throughout the world and provoke as many conflicts as possible having no real care or concern for anything other than death.

Death venues and acts of terrorism even against people of their own countries are their stock and trade.

Wizards target, hypocrisy, atheists, religious people  and worshippers of satan and even their own.   I should not have to tell you how important it is never again to allow the country to be run by white supremacy wizards or secret societies.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. The Department of Justice

DOJ Department of Justice our greatest challenge is never to let our guard down again

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