Screen-shot September 10 2018

Screen Shot September 10th 2018 a three four anomoly.

The Screen-shot for September 10th 2018 show all the same videos as the previous day,  However instead of all progressing to a four day pattern delay,  the first video still shows it was uploaded 3 days ago instead while the others advanced another day.   Terrorist look to still be playing mind games with the account.

Yesterdays  Screen-shot for September 9th 2018 shows the first video uploaded as three days ago.  It should read that it was uploaded 4 days ago like the others.

Screen-shot September 9 2018

We remain in a general state of emergency for political news and general information.

Please enjoy our presentation ”September 1968 with the President” at the White House Emergency account.

Below is a screenshot taken today about twelve hours later and the problem is corrected.  This means the terrorist have the ability to manipulate the dates at YouTube for this account something not part of YouTube’s user platforms.  If they can do this, then can manipulate any of their statistics, numbers of subscribers and even pretend like they are presenting live video.

These men who hack into YouTube were part of the former freemason syndicate that has been dismantled.   These terrorists do not own YouTube.  YouTube is safe for the most part for its users though there are many complaints about subscriptions and people unable to subscribe to other Peoples accounts, a problem we are working to fix as well.    Thank you and have pleasant day.  Jose Maria Chavira M.S.

Screen Shot September 10a 2018 1:35-PM

DOJ Department of Justice our greatest challenge is never to let our guard down again

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