Department of Justice report DOJ081120180100 Hamburg Germany Report

Greetings and welcome to the Department of Justice,  I am working and writing to you from the offices of the Angelcraft Foundation for Education in Mazatlan where is there is a substantial American and Canadian population of people living here for the winter.  Unfortunately my work requires greater coverage so I cannot  always make public appearances to every group or people who want to meet with me.

Yesterday I spoke to Americans from Seattle Washington in Mazatlan as the Special Agent in Charge and let them know that the United States was in a state of Emergency because of problems in the news.  All they knew was Donald Trump.  They were thankful and are sure to spread the word in their tight-knit communities here in Mazatlan.

Make sure to do the same wherever you travel and if there are Americans and Canadians living in communities, alert them about the state of emergency in the news,

A reminder to the Department of Justice and the Military.  Any activity that looks to undermine the People of the United States of America will end up in the termination of your employment and criminal charges will be pressed.   I am your prosecutor and your judge,

Any activity that looks to undermine my authority and my work to protect the People of the United States of America like the good Peoples of this world will end in the termination of your employment and criminal charges will be pressed,   I am your prosecutor and your judge.

Be thankful if you get processed through our court system by my justice will still be there.

Those who have been given pardons by me do not think me weak.

To citizens:  Those men and women who have been pardoned by me are not dangerous.

Department of Justice report DOJ081120180100 Hamburg Germany Report

Today’s screenshot of Donald Trump White House account at YouTube  shows a let down between uploads.  There are one and two-day separations between videos posted these last ten day days.  Terrorists are scared and but not enough.  I expect them to get comfortable and upload more videos before the next several groups are brought to justice.

Remember to keep safe during  November and December, If you do not watch or listen to the news of Donald Trump or any modern freemason your life will be better for it.

Old freemasons are safe to study or write about for your history paper but they are not  necessarily historical figures or as important as men like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy Robert Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Founding Fathers and many others.

It is very hard for regular citizens to confirm or determine between real freemasons and honorary freemasons because of the nature of secrecy of the organization so try not let anyone talk in your ear about any historical video we may put at YouTube for the Theocracy of the United States of America such as this one by Lyndon B, Johnson a much better man than Donald Trump ever was.

Unlike Lyndon Johnson who fought the Communist,  both Obama and Trump were controlled by Communist and Socialist white supremacy powers that had taken over the nation.

Obama did not face the same pressures as his predecessors and he failed to inform the nation of the gravity of the situation inside the United States of America and outside.  If he did, he would be exactly like me and Obama is nothing like me.  Obama was a pawn used by white supremacy.

We are in the last two months of the school semester.  November and December.

Make sure to pray, to go to work and to prepare for your final exams.

If terrorists are still alive in January expect them to try to continuing running the United States like Mexico using lies about congress, lies about the Police, lies about Education, Lies about security and justice and mixing them with truths that they acquire from the offices of government.

Information from our new government is available to citizens and people who inquire for it.   Information about new benefits and programs are to available to anyone who asks.   Terrorist take this information and find a Donald Trump video or media that matches them.

The Hamburg video project was complex but not enough and we have won this battle a long time ago though the news might not reflect it,

The existence of Donald Trump news is an indicator that terrorists activity is still a factor and we need to stop where God give us the chance to stop it, but not with violence.

In dangerous situations we now use tranquilizers and a dangerous criminal now wakes up in a jail cell and is processed from there.

Today’s principle problems is terrorists using public information and creating news to match Donald Trump videos or making news up to match Donald Trump videos.  This is a national disaster committed upon our society and only God can stop them completely and will stop them but I still ask you to continue praying so that this never happens again.

Be confident in the power of God’s Holy Spirit  and remember that you have mine and God’s  full support in helping to fight today’s terrorism.

This concludes today’s Hamburg Report.

Some Quick Facts

  • The population of the United States of America is 325.7 million.
  • National & International subscribers to Donald Trumps White House is less than 1.0%   or .29 of 1.0%  of the United States Population.  This should motivate you.  People do not like Donald Trump. They never have,  Only a very small segment of citizens ever voted for him and terrorists love him because he was a an avowed white supremacist and voters broke him twice in fair elections before 2001.
  • 84% of U.S. households own a computer, and 73% of U.S. households have a computer with a broadband connection to the internet, the census bureau reported. These findings are right in line with survey findings of the Pew Research Center, which found that 70% of Americans have broadband access.  This spells trouble for terrorists who are in control of donald trump media.
  • Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and many masons have been brought to justice.  More are brought to justice every day.

Other facts and information

This White House account has no Channels and is currently under siege by terrorist.

This video operation by international terrorists has access to and uses the original White House account started Jan 21, 2006  where the Obama account used to be.  YouTube opened in 2005.

Many people have tried to explain the reasons for continuing with these false ”donald trump and obama” presidencies, but nothing but the truth can keep the country from collapsing and the truth is these men and many others like them were brought to justice in 2011. They both had body doubles that made public appearances.  A body double is a look-alike.

We are currently in a news, media and information crisis. Donald Trump is not the president. If you work in government or in education or any critical occupation as a professional or a student and you have any doubts, please make an appointment to visit the White House in person to be briefed and updated immediately.

To all government workers, educators, news and media professionals and student press.  Please do not tell citizens that Donald Trump is the president. Thank you.

I accept responsibility for the Judgement by the grace, wisdom and blessing of God’s Holy Spirit now and every second of its existence.

JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st   Primogentivs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs – Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft – E-Pluribus Unum and Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.  An official White House Quill.