Department of Justice report doj072120181027 Hamburg Germany Report

From de desk of JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st   Primogentivs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs – Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft – E-Pluribus Unum and Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.  An official White House Quill.

Washington D.C. July 21st 2018 Department of Justice Greetings once again to all department heads here at the Department of Justice and to the People of the United States of America like the world.

As previously promised, I am happy to address you again today.

Great progress is made every day in our fight against terrorism.  As I said yesterday, we are in a great Judgment of God and the processes of the justice of God work on our side and help law enforcement around the world.

I apologize that I must address you this way for the time being and I have to concentrate on many different things at once including the handling of emergency media as simple as it is.

There are many questions that are very legitimate.  Questions about Christ and about theology that I will address another day in a separate forum.

In today’s Hamburg report I can assure the Public and all Peoples around the world that all mason media is all false as you already know.

Todays screenshot of the ”donald trump” White House account at YouTube  is further evidence that todays new terrorists have picked up the media psychological operations that work against the People of the United States of America.  They also look to convince people overseas and any areas they can.

Today as we monitored the White House account at YouTube of the 1,081,732 false subscribers only 97 people had tuned in to view the live presentation when we took the screenshot this Saturday morning a time when usually people have more time.   That is a huge reduction in audience participation and not all viewers were citizens of the United States.

Todays White House live presentation topped out at 107 viewers.

I can assure everyone that by today’s end, the new terrorists wished they had not taken up the banner of freemasons and their effort to keep this world in its religious and political grip.

I can assure all people listening in today that the ”donald trump” White House YouTube account of the 1,081,732  subscribers are not true subscribers.  They are false subscribers.  The numbers are there just to keep you psychologically off balance.

Those 97 people who tuned in to watch the live presentation, those numbers are real.  It’s a great relief to know that not many people are interested in this ”donald trump” affair.

Terrorists today are a mixture of paramilitary, recruits and seemingly normal people still looking to pull off the donald trump deception.

Most of them are overseas and they rely on the ignorance of people and their relationships for support in todays Donald Trump white supremacy media operation.

Everyday those videos go up at YouTube account at the White House reminds me that we must take serious our future in the policing of terrorism around the world and helping these poor men and women and children get educated, even if it’s in Jail for the rest of their lives.  We must do our best to hold out hope for re-educating  children.

I ask that you keep praying for one another and for God’s justice everyday to work its course and for God to help the men and women of the law enforcement and the military to carry out their work at maximum efficiency.

With God’s help, Law enforcement and the military which were once used against the people by freemasons will now help to bring health back to each nation.

Public Health is a growing field and careers in Public Health go through many departments, but are all based on the same principles, and those are to save lives through education, correct information and the application of modern life saving techniques and research in diseases that we confront in today’s bio-terrorism.  The Public Health Industry is also looking for teachers and trainers to work in the public sector and with the military as well as law enforcement and general government.

The Public Health Industry will provide jobs and a better working socio-economic structure as each nation works to rebuild its new health and social service structure.

The U.S. public health paradigm sets the standard for others around the world and we emphasize telling to the truth to society and I ask the People to forgive their police and militaries for the past mistakes.  In every case around the world, these agencies have changed and do not look the same.  I ask that people continually pray to God help them like yourselves.

I look forward to seeing the completion of the many new Public Health Agencies around the world,  Public Health is our front line of defense against terrorism and a healthy way on which to build a military and a justice department making citizens and the health of the Nation a priority.

Our mental health is very important and Public Health requires good mental health and so certifying law enforcement officers like the men and women of the military will help society obtain a better more healthy social balance and respect for government.

May God bless you and your families today and everyday and make sure to invest in your spiritual life, not as masons did, but as you as good people would normally be inclined to do by attending good regular religious services.

Have a nice day.

Quick Tips:

  • Do not give support to media terrorists or any media group of suits and ties that support todays freemason conspiracy of lies.
  • Do not give religious groups that come to your door who pretend to be Jehovah’s witness or Mormons or any denomination any time if they bring up anything associated with donald trump or barrack obama freemasonry and their mason conspiracy of lies.

Some Quick Facts

  • The population of the United States of America is 325.7 million.
  • National & International subscribers to Donald Trumps White House is barely 1% of the United States Population.
  • 84% of U.S. households own a computer, and 73% of U.S. households have a computer with a broadband connection to the internet, the census bureau reported. These findings are right in line with survey findings of the Pew Research Center, which found that 70% of Americans have broadband access.  This spells trouble for terrorists who are in control of donald trump media.
  • Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and many masons have been brought to justice.  More are brought to justice every day.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio 1st  United States Department of Justice. Director of Intelligence at Interpol. World Crown and Special Agent in charge of the United States of America.

”Have a great day”

”God is not mocked,  and neither are the good Peoples of the Earth.”- JC Angelcraft