Today in History we remember the victims of Waco and of Masonry ourselves.

It was February 28, 1993.   The ATF had been trying to exercise a search warrant for illegal weapons at a complex run by a religious cult, known as the Branch Davidians.

Like many good Texans David Koresh was said to be armed.

In the botched raid, four ATF officers and six Davidians died, but worse was to come.  The botched raid ended up in a massacre of tragic proportions resulting in the deaths of 76 Christians civilian lives and 6 Federal Agents.  82 souls were said to have parished this day

The branch Davidians were said to be a religious cult.  This day in history  ”the masons” another religious cult controlled the United States of America and committed many crimes.

One of the many crimes committed this day in history by the masons is the conspiracy to cover up previous mason crimes committed before this day that include murder in every degree, mass murder, serial murder, ritual murder,  human sacrifices and list of their crimes is far more extensive than can be listed here.

According to other reports of this event by foreign news services Australians died in this event.

See the daily telegraph to confirm this.

It is believed that masons may have only told their version of this story and misused the Department of justice as they did on many occasions to cover up crimes.

It is not yet known if masons hid deaths in this event believed also to have religious significance to masons.

Today in History we remember the victims of Waco and of Masonry ourselves and begin with fresh eyes and renewed spirits to look in the history of events as reported in mason news about mason justice using the law when it was under control of the religious group known as the masons a secret society given to many corrupt and lethal religious practices which were applied to politics.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America

United States Department of Justice.


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