Greetings to all members of law enforcement and to all branches of the Justice Department

From de desk of JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st   Primogentivs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs – Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft – E-Pluribus Unum and Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.  An official White House Quill.


Washington Department of Justice 2017 – I want to take a moment to thank you for all for protecting th citizens of the United States of America  from white supremacy despite not having mason male presidents in the White House.  I know how much it means to some of you to have man in charge.  Thats why I am here now and in charge,

The most dangerous of  White Supremacists are educated in Europe are a far and distant cry from American white supremacists that come in many shapes in sizes and from different educational backgrounds.

These racist Americans and World citizens would support the cause NAZIsm in their countries and even call themselves white supremacist to because of their racial hatred not knowing how true Third Reich Nazi White Supremacists feel about them.

Having taking over a country,  any country, with the help of government NAZIs conspirators, white supremacists consider racial people as genetically inferior and lessor white supremacist as well as expendable — like conscripts — and to them — no better than white trash or ethnic trash soon to be exterminated with time  in any number ways so they do not look bad such as through the food supply and our water system.

NAZI white supremacists have not changed since World War II and they still hold a grudge against americans ever since World War II it is the grudge of their fathers for humiliation of their country and white supremacy.

Today they are like snakes from different countries, hypocrites and liars unlike the days of Hitler where they were open White Supremacists with faces and even a country and army  who fought for their beliefs on many fronts against the allied forces.  That would be us.

Now they hide like serial killers wear masks and are men with no faces.

Despite any cooperation they might recieve from racially prejudice people, eventually white supremacists would put many in concentration camps just like they did for the white people Poland, the white people of France and many European countries whose whites looked little different than themselves.

Real White Supremacists hate America and hate americans,  will hurt americans, pretend to be americans and cause other countries to hate America and Americans and by not telling the full truth about their right-wing para military Identity operations through …e.g. former Industrialist Donald Trump & Obama using the mass media to control the world’s greatest nation who became great because it opposed and beat White Supremacy through two world wars.

Their leaders in foreign countries stir hatred against Americans and  US Troops and have now backstabbed many people who used to support them some without choice.

Those days are over now.

In peace time,  white supremacists processes go slow and aim at making military pacts and alliances.

They use intimidation through  terrorist attacks slowly at times building an arming insurgent groups inside a countries and in the main military if they can and sometimes if they can citizens from a target country to kill each other, they will and for them this is enthic cleansing without getting their hands dirty or their countries blamed.

The FBI Law Enforcement and all branches of the Department of Justice  continue to pursue White supremacists infiltrations at all levels and they are the best at doing so.

The force means more than police power or intelligence or military power.   The force means the force God which must be associated with law enforcement.

Living a spiritual life goes a long way in long enforcement.

FBI profiler John Douglas  as brilliant as he was as a crime fighter admitted in his writings thhat the forces of darkness were to overwhelming taxing and extremely stressful and whatever religious or investment he had, it was not enough to deal with the wizardry and witchcraft that accompanied all his serial investigations.

End of todays exhortation:  FBI Files and commentary

US White Supremacists have no friends in todays European White Supremacist power structure dwindling daily by the processes of justice.

These men are a-social, in some cases schizophrenic and hear voices, some were victims of abuse, others involved in Satanism or the occult and many come from broken homes or poor families but are as determined as an NAZI ever was.

Having role models that reinforce their a-social behavior or no role models at all in their poverty-stricken environment they seem to gravitate towards each other as youth during their moratorium stages where they bond with other fractured youths and form and take on the opinions of the groups and esteem each other in this dysfunctional way of life and then some join the military other form white supremacist gangs.

Once under the control of White supremacy,  The very low educated Drones  or willing soldiers take orders directly or take by following the orders of their leaders craft sorcery that uses disembodied spirits and they call this Jewish Mysticsm.

In Jewish Mysticsm, the most dangerous of white supremacist suffer from schizophrenia and follow the orders from the voices of conjured spirits by Grand Master Wizards, or even direct orders from  computers becoming in the process soldiers and  drones for White Supremacy who may not take responsiblity for controlling these drones to commit acts of terrorism or murder on the American public or countries were they operate.


In 2014 Two Virginia men were arrested on accusations of being white supremacists plotting to bomb black churches and synagogues as part of a race and hate war, according to federal authorities working alone without a president in charge and may God bless them.

During 2014 Presidential conspiracy lies were still harping on the world and Americans Muslims through videos were still being presented as real.

European  White Supremacist were very in touch and involved in middle eastern affairs playing both sides and influencing many regions  against american troops and other countries troops  and helping to kill americans and soldiers from other countries in wars in Bosnia/Herznagova the Middle East and even Africa.

After East berlin closed out there strongest Wizards scattered throughout the world and their bread and butter was to clandestinely create Right Wing groups from men and women resistance groups in their countries and provide them  with military hardware and technical support.   Using Drone strategy is howoever their favorite thing to do.  They also controlled major countries, the drug trade and human trafficking.  The love to hord undesirables together.

Knowig this the FBI works with immigration authorities the port authorty and investigate all possible ways White supremacists can traffick people, cause rebellion, create a black market to help them survive financiallyñ

Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasley Channey III came under suspician for white supremaicist activists in 2014.

In 2014, Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney III two soldiers and white supremacist drones were arrested on a Sunday as part of an undercover FBI operation in which an agent posed as an illegal arms dealer selling weapons and explosives to the two Virginia men, the FBI said in documents filed in federal court in Virginia.  In the case of white supremacy and many other crimes with probable cause, it is perfectly legal to get an judges order to entrap the criminals based in the contant matter and seriousness of the case.

Since World  War II and Before the FBI has had great success in defeating White Supremacist incursions some that during World War II penertated as far as Chicago.

It is necessarry to keep White Supremacists poor at every phase and level of war againts white supremacy to keep them from building militaries and gaining fiancial power. 

The suspects who were arrested needed money and arms and  Doyle and Chaney wanted to rob businessmen, such as a jewelers and a gun store owners, to accrue money so they could prepare for a so-called race war.
Like the agenda they follow. these men wanted to use the proceeds to stockpile weapons and begin right-wing-paramilitary training.
Few if any these Aerican whte surmeacist are in contact with White Supremacies highest leaders and few are sent trainers such as white supremacist military Intelligence officials do in operations overseas that support all their right-wing military operations in country by different names.
In 2014 Doyle and Chaney allegedly planned on bombing or shooting members of black churches and Jewish synagogues and even they succeeded the black high priest of masonry would have done nothing to help black becuase Obama had already been brought to justice in 2011 and was a puppet of White Supremacy.
Because investigations wee so tight, Doyle & Chaney
were a long way from actually pulling off an attack.
A third man, Charles Daniel Halderman, was also arrested on accusations that he was going to help Doyle and Chaney in robbing and killing a silver-jewelry dealer as part of their extremist beliefs, according federal court documents,
Attorneys for the three men couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.
The FBI received information in September that Doyle was going to hold a meeting at his Chesterfield County home with other people “to discuss acting out in furtherance of their extremist beliefs by shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and Jewish synagogues, conducting acts of violence against persons of the Jewish faith and doing harm to a gun store owner in the state of Oklahoma,” court papers said. Chesterfield County is southwest of downtown Richmond.
FBI surveillance confirmed that a gathering of people occurred September 27 at Doyle’s home and that Chaney’s vehicle was present, court papers said.  Later, Doyle and Chaney allegedly met with the undercover gent in late October, the FBI said in court documents.
 Robert Curtis Doyle
At that October meeting, Doyle joined the undercover FBI agent in a separate vehicle where Doyle allegedly looked at silencers and placed an order for automatic weapons, explosives and a pistol with a silencer, to be delivered and purchased in 2014 November 8, on a Sunday, according court papers.
It was at the Sunday meeting that the FBI arrested Chaney after he allegedly exchanged an disclosed amount of money for two firearms, silencers and explosives. Doyle was arrested later in the day, court documents said reviving no weapons.
The FBI also found contraband in the possession of Doyle during the arrest.
Doyle, a previously convicted felon, has seven felon convictions including for offenses such as possession and distribution of a controlled substances, embezzlement, and grand larceny, court
papers said with obviously light sentences or concurrent sentences–
Prior to his involvement in this last case Chaney was also convicted of violent and other felonies,  as stated in his rap sheep and court
Haldeman had 17 felony convictions, the FBI said in court papers, without specifying the nature of the crimes.
Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft  author of the nine needs all humans have
This article will be reviewed  by the writer in the event any white supremacist spic-hackers who do not know how to spell, erase prepositions vowels and consonents and havep reviously  altered my work only making me feel sorry or them for the greater justice that awaits them on more serious charges.