The Justice Department is again undergoing a revamping to its investigative priorities and re-creation of departments

May 14th 2017 Washington D.C.  Staff  – The Department of Justice –  For these last 67 years white supremacist and other domestic extremists have maintained and have tried to sustain an active presence in U.S. police departments and other law enforcement agencies.

A striking reference to that conclusion, notable for its confidence and the policy prescriptions that accompany it, appears in a classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide from April 2015.

The guide,details the process by which the FBI enters individuals on a terrorism watch list, the Known or Suspected Terrorist File, notes that “domestic terrorism investigations focused on militia extremists, white supremacist extremists, and sovereign citizen extremists often have identified active links to law enforcement officers,” and explains in some detail how bureau policies have been crafted to take this infiltration into account.

Although these right-wing white supremacist extremists have posed a growing threat for years, federal investigators have been reluctant to publicly address that threat or to point out the movement’s longstanding strategy of infiltrating the law enforcement community by men like the unconstitutional Barrack Obama,  George Bush and the Mason group.

European white supremacist in the United States, have targeted racist ideologies among the people and law enforcement and infiltrated Law enforcement and our communities for a good spell many speaking perfect English.

European white supremacist focused on state and local police as well as sheriff’s departments that presented ample opportunities for their white supremacists  beliefs and other right-wing extremists looking to expand their European power base in the United States of America.

In a heavily redacted version of an October 2006 FBI internal intelligence assessment, the agency raised the alarm over white supremacist groups’ “historical” interest in “infiltrating law enforcement communities or recruiting law enforcement personnel.”

The effort, the memo noted, [this]  “can lead to investigative breaches and can jeopardize the safety of law enforcement sources personnel……” [and the National leadership grid of the United States of America]

The memo also states that law enforcement had recently become aware of the term “ghost skins,” used among white supremacists to describe “those who avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance [European] white supremacist causes.”

In at least one case, the FBI learned of a [European sponsored] skinhead group encouraging ghost skins to seek employment with law enforcement agencies in order to warn crews of any investigations.

That report appeared after a series of carefully crafted European controlled white supremacist scandals involving local police and sheriff’s departments.

In Los Angeles, for example, a U.S. District Court [Mason]  judge found in 1991 that members of a local sheriff’s department had formed a neo-Nazi gang and habitually terrorized black and Latino residents.

In Chicago, Jon Burge, a police detective and rumored KKK member, was fired, and eventually prosecuted in 2008, over charges relating to the torture of at least 120 black men during his decades long career.

[This fall guy arrest ] was to take heat of the European Dominated Mason white supremacist Masons in the United States of America at the highest level.

”Although the FBI has not adequately addressed the issue of white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement since that 2006 to protect themselves and their families from being targets of violent white supremacists American citizens , in a 2015 speech,  The FBI Director made an unprecedented acknowledgment of the role historically played by law enforcement in communities of color:

“All of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty.” Comey and the agency have been less forthcoming about that history’s continuation into the present.

IN 2009,  the FBI, warned of the “resurgence” of right-wing extremism. “Right-wing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first (unconstitutional]  African-American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal through propaganda,”

The report noted, singling out “disgruntled military veterans” as likely targets of recruitment.

European Mason White Supremacist  Sponsored “Right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat.”

The report concluded that “lone wolves and small terrorist cells embracing violent right-wing extremist ideology are the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States.”

Released just ahead of nationwide Tea Party protests, the report caused an uproar among conservatives, who were particularly angered by the suggestion that veterans might be implicated, and by the broad brush with which the report seemed to paint a range of right-wing groups.

Faced with mounting criticism, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano disavowed the document and apologized to veterans.

The agency’s unit investigating right-wing extremism was largely dismantled and the report’s lead investigator was pushed out.

The FBI in theory investigates right-wing terrorism and right-wing extremism, but i the past they had limited resources and their hands were tied and they were forced to believe in the lies of Masons and their wars in the middle east and the lies that Muslim terrorist in America were the greatest problem

The loss of the anti-nazi unit who hit home runs during world war II was a great loss to the department”

Federal law enforcement agencies in general — the FBI, the Marshals, the ATF — are aware that extremists have infiltrated state and local law enforcement agencies and that there are people in law enforcement agencies that may be sympathetic to these groups,

Daryl Johnson, who was the lead researcher on the DHS report. says,  “the problem has since gotten “a lot more troublesome.”

Johnson added that Homeland Security has given up tracking right-wing domestic extremists. “It’s only the FBI now,” he said, adding that local police departments don’t seem to be doing anything to address the problem.”

Today that is not the case and the entirety of law enforcement is united and has become the Justice Department once again albeit with more respect to police intelligence officers by Federal agents.

“There formally was no training to help state and local police aware of these groups and how they could infiltrate their ranks.

In 2009 DHS declined to comment on a report or on the agency’s specific concerns about white supremacist and right-wing groups, because they were controlled by European White Supremacists Central Control Group of the International Religious Idol worshipping Order of Masons.

Justice at times overrides our understanding and misconceptions when providential judicial authority is revealed to us.

Justice at times overrides our understanding and misconceptions when providential judicial authority is revealed to us.

I know you are not going to let each other down or americans down as the average citizen is part of the justice process.

Be wise in all things and use prudence in all things and never forget that one nation under God means one nation under God.

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