SIDE MINUTES: Department of Justice – well done, but we have more work to do


01. Greetings to the Justice Department, to   World Citizens, Her Royal Highness The Queen and President of United States of America H.R.H. Maria Ramirez Chavira and greetings to her cabinet and law enforcement from around the world.

02. We are still in Media Emergency Level Five watching a pre-programmed agenda of videos that do not represent any real issues in the world at this time and are designed to keep making war on Muslims.

03.  These White House videos at the trump youtube account   feature  enemies of the state who are no longer alive and the videos must come down.

Both of these Youtube accounts are pose a national threat: The Obama White House and the Trump White House Youtube accounts.

04.  You have the Intelligence , the authority and now a direct order to destroy these enemies of the state and keep them down and delete the accounts.

05. Things are looking great overall around the world and on the Internet.

04. Thank God “” does not rule the world.
If  Youtubecom did rule the world,  law enforcement would be in great trouble and as it is, has already suffered much criticism and we have lost many intelligence officers around the world already for supporting white supremacist doctrine and we are still not finished with the justice process.

05. I want to thank Americans and American citizens and world citizens and law enforcement who has stepped up and worked with me and cooperated with the new A.I. Artificial Intelligence “AGNVS” program. a heaven-sent miracle to our world that never stops working on our behalf.

06.  Again I remind readers OUTSIDE of Washington D.C. to call the white house if they have any questions about H.R.H. Maria Ramirez Chavira Queen Mary of Maryland also the President of the United States of America.

07. Again I remind the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. that Justice is a Nationwide and worldwide process with even citizens participating in the justice process and everyone is tired of seeing  these pretend videos.

08. Please continue and the justice process and do not avoid your duties as Police Officers which is what we all are essentially..police officers.

09.  Men and women of law enforcement around the world should be proud to be “Police Officers” the greatest title even a special could be proud to call him or herself.

10. I thank you again and keep praying for yourselves, for each other and for this world and continue telling the whole truth to the public that Trump is DEAD and Obama is DEAD and there is nothing to fear.

11. Previous orders still stand till I myself do not see the “White House” Conspiracy accounts or propoganda on the Internet. or in the media.

12. May the Holy Spirit Bless everyone today and every day.  May the Holy Spirit  keep you. May the Holy Spirit help you and cause the light of Hope to Shine upon you and may the Holy Spirit grant you peace and peace to the families of law enforcement agents and officers who fail to protect their country and their citizens from these foreign invaders.

13. Cordially
Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft


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